360 Degree Leadership Appraisals

Onetest's ‘Leadership Perspective’ is an online 360 degree feedback tool for assessing the effectiveness of current and potential leaders.

360 degree leadership appraisals identify what is required to turn people into effective leaders by surveying those around them.

Identifying and developing strong leaders helps to:
  • Increase team satisfaction
  • Improve team cohesion
  • Reduce turnover and
  • Increase productivity.
Developed by Onetest's team of APS registered Psychologists and based on over 50 years of industry research, this brief multi-rater online survey allows you to assess a comprehensive range of leadership factors, which provides a complete picture of your organisation's managers.

This survey is based on eight high performance leadership factors used by successful leaders to motivate and inspire their staff and effectively manage their departments:

Problem Solving Solving work problems and exhibiting technical expertise
Goal Setting Assigning roles and setting goals
Inspiring Motivating, praising and inspiring staff
Visioning Expressing a vision for the future
Consulting Gaining staff feedback and input on decision making
Supporting Supporting staff one-on-one
Planning Developing specific plans for the future
Monitoring Ensuring that standards and required procedures are met.

An individual’s profile across these eight dimensions provides a unique and comprehensive insight into their leadership behaviour. This information acts as a significant guide for development and a motivator for change.

As with all of Onetest’s premium survey content, normative data is provided, so you can see how your leaders measure up against a general comparison across a range of industries. This provides greater context to individual leaders' results and their specific development needs.

Onetest’s online experience makes running 360 degree leadership appraisals as simple as sending an email to those who will rate the individual (otherwise known as 'raters'). Raters can complete the surveys at times and places convenient to them and detailed reports can be delivered quickly via email.

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