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Points of Difference

Some of the things that set Onetest apart include:
  1. Brevity – Every candidate is important, so we minimise attrition by keeping assessments brief.
  2. Clear Reports – Our reports can be read by normal people and do not require a psychology degree to interpret the results.
  3. Australian – Most of our tests have been developed in Australia and all have Australian normative data. Many of our competitors only offer US or UK assessments and data.
  4. Total Support – Candidates can access Onetest’s support centre, where real people respond to their questions. You will not receive a single call for support.
  5. Immediate Results and Feedback – Our assessments are scored and reports generated immediately. A brief feedback report is sent to the candidate, minimising the need for them to call for information.
  6. Affordable – Onetest recommends the use of assessments to screen individuals after application. Onetest is unique in offering a ‘per hire’ pricing model that makes this highly affordable.
  7. Quality Endorsed Company - Onetest is Quality Assured under the AS/NZS ISO 9001 standard, giving you peace of mind that we have robust quality systems and processes in place.

"Onetest has impressed us with their efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspires confidence, but has generated the results we are looking for."
Jodie Stevens
HR Manager
Flinders Port Holdings

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Video Overview

Watch this short video for an overview of Onetest's pre-employment psychometric tests.


Who We Work With

Telstra Thiess Deloitte Village Roadshow Limited
Chandler Macleod NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet Savills Caltex
BMW Workpac QR National Manpower
Defence Bank  ... and more    

More About Onetest

Founded in 1999, Onetest’s goal is to provide a more effective and economical way to recruit talented people for your business.
Onetest’s products and services deliver significant benefits such as:

  • Providing a highly automated and objective recruitment process
  • Reducing reliance on recruiters and outside agencies
  • Delivering better quality hires who are more productive on the job
  • Identifying individuals who are likely to be safer, smarter and more reliable
  • Ensuring improved retention and higher morale.
The end result is lower recruitment costs, better quality hires, reduced employee turnover and increased profitability. 

With more than 800 psychometric assessments and skills tests, Onetest makes it possible to quickly and objectively filter applicants against a defined set of criteria, so that you only interview qualified candidates.  

Our employment assessments can be delivered via our online ecommerce self-service testing system, Onetest Express, our enterprise level  Assessment Management System or seamlessly integrated with leading Applicant Tracking Systems by Taleo, PageUpPeople, NGA.net and CVMail. 

More Information

Test Candidates - You can test candidates now via Onetest Express.  There are no set up fees or contracts and you can cancel at any time. 

Enquire - Ask for detailed information, such as full example reports, development and validation documentation, technical manuals and pricing.

Test Yourself - A range of Personal Insight Profiles are available for self assessment.
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About Onetest

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