Assessment Management System

This enterprise level 'software as a service' (SaaS) platform delivers Onetest's pre-employment psychometric assessments and allows you to quickly, easily and objectively identify the best candidates. It can be used standalone or integrated with leading applicant tracking systems.

Onetest pre-employment tests and psychometric assessments

Administer Tests

Invite applicants to complete over 800 psychometric assessments and skills tests in just a few clicks.

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Onetest normative comparison groups for pre-employment psychometric tests

Normative Groups

Compare candidate performance on pre-employment tests to a broad range of  normative groups to ensure accurate interpretation.

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Competency Frameworks

Deliver the right combination of assessments that match the competencies required for specific roles within your business.

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Onetest pre-employment tests and psychometric assessment reports


Receive sophisticated, simple to interpret graphical reports online and instantly by email.

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 Communicate with Applicants and Candidates


Easily keep candidates and internal stakeholders up to date with automated, personalised emails and SMS and send information packs to internal parties at the click of a button.

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Talent Pooling

Build a database of jobseekers and search for people with the skills, experience and characteristics required for specific positions at any time.

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 Recruitment Interview Event Scheduler

Event Scheduler

Set up interviews, assessment centres and information sessions and invite candidates to register using this tool.

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 Online Reference Checking

Reference Checking 

Automate and standardise the reference checking process using online reference check forms.

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 Integrate Onetest pre-employment assessments with eRecruitment and applicant tracking platforms


Seamlessly integrate Onetest psychometric assessments and skills tests with leading Applicant Tracking Systems.

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Unrivalled technical, psychology, user and candidate support via eLearning modules, FAQs, Quick Guides, detailed User Guides, online and by phone.

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Onetest system security and privacy


Industry leading security and privacy protection, including ISO 27001 information security management system standard, PCI Compliance and DSD Gateway Certification.

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Onetest is committed to developing solutions that deliver a significant return on investment (ROI). The Onetest Assessment Management System will cut your recruitment costs, reduce your time to hire and deliver better quality people.

Smaller companies or those looking to trial Onetest's pre-employment assessments can sign up to our self-service online platform Onetest Express and start testing candidates immediately.


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