Build a Reliable Workforce

Reliability is simply another word for honesty and integrity.  

Research consistently identifies that unreliable employees cost businesses millions of dollars in terms of lost productivity associated with absenteeism, shrinkage (i.e. theft) and fraud, sometimes with catastrophic consequences:
  • More than half of stock “shrinkage” is from employee theft (The Australian Retailers Association)
  • 70% of all business fraud losses are from staff or former staff, amounting to at least $1.5 billion a year (The Australian Federal Police)
  • 30% of respondents think that it is sometimes appropriate to lie at work (Collective Learning Australia). 
  • 37% of employees would consider taking a sick day when they are not really sick (2009 Onetest Employee Satisfaction Survey).
It only takes a few ‘bad eggs’ to cause significant integrity related problems in an organisation.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to identify people with low levels of integrity using traditional selection techniques.

Onetest can quickly and easily identify applicants who have stricter attitudes and are inherently less likely to steal, lie or be absent from work. Such individuals are likely to contribute positively to a high reliability culture within the organisation, as they are less likely to condone or support counterproductive behaviour in others. 

Screening out applicants with lenient attitudes towards counterproductive behaviour (i.e. low levels of integrity) leads to:
  • Reduced shrinkage (i.e. theft)
  • Reduced absenteeism (e.g. non genuine sick leave)
  • Reduced ‘white collar’ crime
  • Lower levels of inappropriate workplace behaviour
  • Reduced involuntary turnover.

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