Employee Surveys

Onetest's Talent Management System (TMS) makes it easy to quickly develop, administer and report on any type of employee survey, such as engagement, 360 performance, 360 leadership capability and employee exit surveys.

The system offers premium employee survey content, developed by Onetest's team of registered Psychologists, which includes normative comparison data so you can see how your people measure up against a general comparison across a range of industries, as well as the ability to build your own custom surveys. Premium and custom content surveys are available in both single-rater and 360 degree formats.

A sophisticated report builder is included that allows you to manipulate and present employee survey data in any format you require.

Onetest Employee Survey Builder Tool

Survey Builder

Quickly create, administer and analyse your own sophisticated single and multi-rater (360 degree) surveys in minutes.

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Onetest Employee Exit Survey

Exit Surveys

Find out where turnover is occurring, why it is happening and what is required to reduce it with Onetest's 'Final Word' single-rater survey.

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Onetest Employee Engagement Surveys

Engagement Surveys

Diagnose current levels of employee engagement and identify the key factors that can be leveraged to improve engagement with Onetest's 'Employee Engagement' single rater survey.

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360 feedback leadership survey

360 Degree Leadership Appraisals

Assess the effectiveness of current and potential leaders with Onetest's 'Leadership Perspective' 360 degree survey.

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360 Degree Performance Appraisal

360 Degree Performance Appraisals

Measure employees against factors known to define top performers with Onetest's 'Performance Perspective' 360 degree survey.

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Employee Surveys

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