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Making a poor choice in hiring can have consequences which last for years and cost the company many times the salary involved. We can recall the employee whose finest hour was in the interview.  You can help to avoid these costly mistakes by assessing all candidates, to understand who is likely to perform best in the role and stay longer.  

Research shows that pre-employment assessments are one of the most accurate ways to identify the best people.

This is because they are standardised and fair when compared to traditional methods, which are often highly subjective.
Put simply, pe-employment testing is the most effective way to identify top candidates because it tells you what you need to know, not just what candidates want you to know.

If you think of a person like an iceberg, there are many attributes we all possess and exhibit that are a lot harder to evaluate than simply reading a resume or interviewing them, as they are less tangible, or below the waterline.

Psychometric tests tell you what you need to know

Psychometric assessments are specifically designed to accurately measure and report on those beneath the surface attributes, which potentially will have a greater impact on their performance and your organisation.

With more than 800 psychometric assessments and skills tests, Onetest makes it easy to quickly and objectively filter applicants against a defined set of criteria, so that you identify the best people for the job.

Video Overview

Watch this short video for an overview of Onetest's pre-employment psychometric tests.


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