Psychometric Testing for Graduate Recruitment

Graduate recruitment is a critical strategy for many organisations. The competition for the best graduates is intense. 

The best strategy is to identify the high flyers, get to interviews first and get an offer confirmed before the competition. The challenge is that most graduates look the same and tend to have very limited experience. Unfortunately, research shows that selecting graduates based on GPA is not an effective or reliable way to identify the top performers.

Psychometric tests are the most accurate way to identify the best graduates. This is because they are standardised and fair when compared to traditional subjective methods, such as unstructured interviews and resumes, and GPA cut-offs.

Screening all graduate applicants using psychometric tests is the most cost effective way to quickly and accurately shortlist the best graduates with minimal effort. The result is that you will identify the graduates who will perform better and stay longer, well before your competition finds them.
Onetest partners with graduate recruitment industry experts to help you develop innovative and effective graduate recruitment campaigns, tailored to your specific requirements, that deliver the best results.

Graduate Research and Resources

 Graduate Outcomes Survey

2012 Graduate Outcomes Survey

In July 2012, Onetest surveyed over 28,00 former graduates who completed psychometric tests when applying for graduate programs between 2002 and 2011 to participate in a longitudinal study of their career outcomes.

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Graduate Recruitment Research

What Happens to the Graduates You hire?

In July 2012, we conducted a massive survey of 2,851 former graduates who completed psychometric tests between 2002 and 2011 to find out what truly happens after they enter the workforce. We asked them over 50 questions about their career progression and matched responses to tests scores, GPA and demographics. The objective of this research was to find out who is likely to be retained and promoted. 

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Graduate Recruitment Blog

Graduate Recruitment Blogs

We blog regularly about graduate recruitment because we are passionate about helping companies to find their future leaders quickly and cost effectively.

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Graduate Recruitment Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from organisations that use Onetest in their graduate recruitment programs.
  "Everyone at Onetest was very approachable and easy to deal with during our graduate recruitment campaign. Their customer service was exceptional and I would happily refer Onetest to other organisations.

Whenever I spoke to someone at Onetest, they would always come back to me when they said they would. The team was exceptionally proactive and went above and beyond. For example, they would offer to contact candidates directly, organise whatever needed to happen and would always follow up.

This additional support was particularly appreciated at the peak of the graduate recruitment project."

Justine Marmion
Delivery Lead - Graduate Program

"The Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency uses Onetest’s Cognitive Ability Test via an NGA integration for our graduate recruitment program.

Onetest has always been efficient and professional in their service provision. They take the time to understand our needs and develop a project plan to ensure our objectives are achieved. Their cognitive ability testing has helped us find the best grads quickly and their customer service is second to none."

Rebecca Kelly
Assistant Director - Strategy and Development, Human Resources Branch
Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency


“APRA received approximately 1,200 applications for both our 2010 and 2011 graduate campaigns.

Onetest helped us to quickly identify the top candidates, significantly reducing the number of applications to review."

Mana Salimi
Senior HR Advisor

“Thiess screened more than 4,500 graduates using Onetest assessments. This reduced our workload and time to hire while simultaneously allowing us to engage with the best candidates early in the process.

We are very pleased with the results we get from using Onetest in both graduate and lateral recruitment.”

Mark Vining
Group Human Resources Manager

Energy Australia Testimonial

"The psychometric assessments selected from Onetest’s suite provided useful and relevant comparative data to assist in the graduate shortlisting process.

We were able to quickly and cost effectively identify the top candidates and spend time interviewing only the strongest candidates.”

Neil Roberts
Manager Professional Development
Energy Australia

BDO Testimonial

"We have had a successful long-term partnership with Onetest since 2007, utilising their assessments for our Graduate and Vacation Program recruitment. Onetest has enabled us to attract and assess candidates to ensure we obtain the best graduate talent. The ease of the online tool enables us to assess a large number of candidates within a short timeframe which is vital in a market where the search for the top talent is so competitive.

The integration between Onetest and our recruitment management system (CV Mail) was a very positive experience making the process seamless. Using Onetest enables us to have a nationally consistent and objective recruitment process across all our offices, ensuring the high calibre of our graduates is maintained across Australia."

Clare Valentine
Senior Human Resources Manager

“We use Onetest to help streamline our graduate recruitment process.

Onetest has always been very pleasant to deal with. The Client Services Team continues to exceed my expectations in terms of response time and all answers provided are accurate and clear. Our Client Relationship Manager has recently assisted me with a functionality issue and I was impressed by the service I received.

In terms of the system itself, my experiences have always been positive. It is easy to navigate, its functions are straightforward and it automates time consuming activities such as applicant screening and emailing.

I would recommend Onetest to other companies who are serious about improving their HR systems and processes and ultimately, impacting the bottom line.”

Larissa Stevens
Regional HR Coordinator

Graduate Recruitment Information

Some key sources of information about the graduate recruitment and development industry are listed below.

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Australian Association of Graduate Employers

2012 AAGE Graduate Recruitment and Development Conference

14-16 November 2011

The Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE) is the peak industry body representing organisations that recruit and develop Australian graduates. The 24rd annual conference will be held in Melbourne from 14th-16th November, 2012.
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