Improve Workplace Safety

Research consistently identifies that 80% of workplace incidents are precipitated by some form of human error. However, most OHS expenditure is directed towards creating a safer working environment and the human factors are largely ignored.

Costs associated with workplace safety incidents can be very high depending on the severity of the incident and consist of both direct (e.g. payments, medical costs, rehabilitation, damage etc) and indirect costs (e.g. lost productivity, loss of skills, experience and knowledge, replacement costs, investigate reports etc).

According to the National Safety Council, the indirect costs of industrial accidents are approximately four times the actual direct costs incurred by the employer. This means that the real ‘total’ cost of workplace injuries are 4 times the direct workers’ compensation cost.

The focus on workplace safety has never been greater, nor has it held so much risk and cost if it is not achieved.

Using a simple 15 minute test, Onetest can help you identify which candidates pose the highest safety risk. This assessment can also be used to identify the specific development needs of individual employees to help you better target and refine your existing Occupational Health and Safety strategies.

Onetest has helped many organisations to significantly: 
  • Reduce lost time injuries (LTIs)
  • Lower workers' compensation costs
  • Reduce sick days
  • Reduce the risk of personal liability for directors and senior managers.
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