• Employers embrace fun and games for better job fit

    7 February 2014

    Onetest's new gamification tool is being embraced now by employers including some of Australia top 20 ASX-listed companies.
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    Screenshot from Onetest Wasabi Waiter
  • Onetest Most Popular Exhibitor at AAGE

    4 November 2013

    Onetest's launch of Wasabi Waiter in Australia at the annual AAGE conference got an excellent reception from delegates.
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    Onetest Most Popular Exhibitor at AAGE
  • The case for big data psychology

    23 October 2013

    Dr Peter O’Hanlon, head of analytics at Onetest, believes that by combining big data analytics with psychology, employers are able to uncover new insights into driving workplace performance.
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    The case for big data psychology
  • Recruiting for values pays off for Brisbane City Council

    19 June 2013

    When Brisbane City Council shifted to targeted recruitment of graduates who matched the organisation's values, it generated a five-fold increase in direct approaches from candidates.
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  • Onrec Online Recruitment Magazine Feature: Online screening and skills testing - there to help you

    14 March 2013

    Hiring the right people is more important than ever in tough times. By using screening and testing software online, employers can make much more informed decisions. New technology makes this even more useful and cost effective than before.
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    Psychometric assessments - Suitability
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