Onetest Platform Comparison

Whether you are a large multi-national organisation needing to integrate pre-employment psychometric tests into your applicant tracking system, a small company or recruitment agency looking to test a few candidates on an ad hoc basis, or an HR consultancy that delivers complex employee development projects, Onetest has a platform that meets your needs.

Please review the following matrix to compare the features and functionality of our innovative yet easy to use employee testing and survey platforms.


Management System

Management System

Simple, low touch commerce system for ad-hoc and low volumes
Enterprise level recruitment assessment platform Enterprise level employee development assessment and survey platform
SMEs, Recruitment Agencies, Small Government Departments
Large Companies, Government Departments & other organisations that recruit often
HR Consultancies, Large Enterprises, Government Departments with learning and development programs
Training and Support
Candidates & clients

Telephone (7 days)
Online FAQs & eLearning
Face-to-face training

Easy to Interpret Graphical Reports
Instantly available
Individual reports
Position reports
Candidate feedback reports

Normative groups
Employed Adults Only
Employed Adults, Industry Groups, Management Levels, Company Benchmarks
Employed Adults, Industry Groups, Management Levels, Company Benchmarks, Normative Survey Data
Psychometric Assessments, Skills Tests &Surveys
Cognitive Ability Test
Cognitive Ability Verification Test  
Behavioural Profile
Work Reliability Test
Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT)

Work Safety Test
 Short Form Only  Long and Short Forms
 Long Form
Work Preferences Profile
Values Inventory
16 PF Questionnaire
800+ Skills Tests
Custom Employee Surveys
Engagement Surveys
360 Leadership Surveys
360 Performance Appraisals
Contracts, Pricing and Invoicing
 Annual Annual
Price per assessment
Fixed price per hire
Consolidated invoices
Volume discounts
Platform Functionality
Company branded
Manually enter recipients
Bulk upload recipients
Email invitations & reminders
 Default  Customisable Customisable
SMS alerts    
Sophisticated configuration options
Reporting dashboard
Event scheduler
Applicant Tracking System integration

More Information

Test Candidates - You can test candidates now via Onetest Express.  There are no set up fees or contracts and you can cancel at any time. 

Enquire - Ask for detailed information, such as full example reports, development and validation documentation, technical manuals and pricing.

Test Yourself - A range of Personal Insight Profiles are available for self assessment.
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