Psychometric Tests

Pre-employment psychometric tests make the selection process highly objective, meaning you can be confident that you've found the best person for the role – every time.

Our extensive suite of pre-employment psychometric tests can be delivered via Onetest Express, our online credit card based transactional testing platform, our full featured Assessment Management System or integrated seamlessly into leading eRecruitment systems. A subset of our psychometric tests can be used for employee development through our Talent Management System.

Watch this short video for an overview of Onetest's pre-employment psychometric and skills tests.

Video Overview

Watch this short video for an overview of Onetest's pre-employment psychometric tests.

Onetest Cognitive Ability Test

Cognitive Ability Test

This psychometric test assess numerical ability, verbal ability and abstract reasoning to predict future job performance.

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Onetest Work Safety Assessment

Work Safety Assessment

Identify individuals who are inherently more likely to take risks and ignore safety procedures and training using this psychometric test.

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Onetest Values Inventory

Values Inventory

Identify candidates whose personal values match your organisational values, to develop a more committed, positive and productive workplace.

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Onetest Work Reliability Scale

Work Reliability Scale

Identify those who are likely to engage in counterproductive work behaviours such as lying, theft and absenteeism with this integrity test.

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Onetest Work Preferences Profile

Work Preferences Profile

Identify individuals whose work preferences match the requirements of the role, to maximise employee performance and job satisfaction.

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Onetest Behavioural Profile

Behavioural Profile

Understand how candidates are likely to approach problems, interact with others and respond to rules and procedures in the work environment to improve communication, team cohesion, performance and effectiveness.

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16PF Personality Factor

16 Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF®)

Measure core personality traits influencing behaviour to determine a candidate's suitability for a role and strategies for managing them effectively.

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Onetest Emotional Intelligence Test MSCEIT

Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT)

Identify candidates who are likely to communicate well, work successfully in a team and manage others effectively to build more effective leaders, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

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Onetest Skills Tests

Skills Tests

Onetest's 800+ skills tests help verify candidates' technical skills before you hire them.

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If you would like to test yourself, please see our personal insight profiles.

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Psychometric Tests

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