Reduce Time to Hire

Traditionally, pre-employment assessments have been used at the end of the recruitment process on only the final few shortlisted candidates. However, online technology and flexible pricing models allows you to realise the full potential of pre-employment assessments, much earlier in the process.

With Onetest, you can assess all applicants in the initial stages of recruitment. This means you can literally screen hundreds of applicants and generate high quality shortlists in a matter of minutes, with minimal effort.

 This frees you up to spend more of your valuable time getting to know the most qualified candidates.
The ability to handle a large number of applicants across a range of open positions, without resorting to piles of resumes and folders, is a great stride forward for productivity.

An eRecruitment / Applicant Tracking System (ATS) platform from one of our fine partners, coupled with the appropriate pre-employments assessments, means your organisation can quickly and efficiently identify the best candidates for the job and significantly reduce the time to hire.

Video Overview

Watch this short video for an overview of Onetest's pre-employment psychometric tests.


More Information

Test Candidates - You can test candidates now via Onetest Express.  There are no set up fees or contracts and you can cancel at any time. 

Enquire - Ask for detailed information, such as full example reports, development and validation documentation, technical manuals and pricing.

Test Yourself - A range of Personal Insight Profiles are available for self assessment.
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