Skills Tests

Skills tests assess a candidate’s current level of knowledge, skill or ability in a specific area, for example mathematical skills or computer software competencies, to determine whether they can meet the technical requirements of a role.

Research indicates that a significant proportion of candidates lie, embellish or misrepresent their skills on a resume or in an interview situation.  Objective, standardised skills testing allows you to ensure that a candidate has the core skills that are critical to the role. This adds more rigour to your recruitment process and helps you find your best candidates more quickly.

Onetest Skills Tests are available via Onetest Express and the Onetest Assessment Management System.

To see which tests are available, either select a category from the menu on the left, or browse the full range of skills tests.

Video Overview

Watch this short video for an overview of Onetest Skills Tests.

Onetest Skills Tests

Developed and validated by industry and subject matter experts, and focusing on real-life scenarios likely to be faced by people on the job, each test provides a valid and effective measurement of the skills required to perform particular jobs.

Onetest provides over 800 skills tests across a number of categories, including:
All skills assessments are delivered in a fully online format, with comprehensive reporting available in minutes.

More Information

Test Candidates - You can test candidates now via Onetest Express.  There are no set up fees or contracts and you can cancel at any time. 

Enquire - Ask for detailed information, such as full example reports, development and validation documentation, technical manuals and pricing.

Test Yourself - A range of Personal Insight Profiles are available for self assessment.
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