Talent Management System

Onetest's Talent Management System is a one-stop survey and psychometric testing solution that empowers you to quickly and efficiently deploy, collect and report on business critical employee metrics such as engagement, performance and leadership capability.

Three types of surveys and assessments, and a powerful reporting system are available.

Premium Surveys

Premium surveys were developed by Onetest’s team of registered psychologists and include normative comparison data so you can see how your people measure up against a general comparison across a range of industries.  

The following off-the-shelf premium 360 degree and single rater surveys are available:
Onetest’s premium surveys are based on years of detailed industry research and represent best practice measurement of key employee metrics.

Custom Surveys

The custom survey builder makes it easy to create, administer and report on any type of online single or multi-rater (360 degree) survey, such as staff on-boarding surveys, satisfaction surveys, employee opinion surveys, client surveys, employee engagement, exit interviews and 360 degree performance and leadership reviews.

You can create custom surveys from an extensive library of questions developed by Onetest’s psychologists or create your own questions using any combination of a broad range of question types, such as checkboxes, drop down lists, matrix questions, ranking scales and text questions.

The simple interface allows you to easily insert headings, lines, images, page breaks, questions, demographic questions and text fields, meaning you can create and administer engaging employee surveys in minutes.

Psychometric Assessments

The following psychometric assessments are available in the Onetest Talent Management System for assessing the capabilities of existing employees:

Powerful, Instant Reporting

A sophisticated report builder is provided that allows you to manipulate and present data in any format you require.

Highly customisable graphical reports are available as soon as participants complete a survey or assessment. You can add images, text, links and headings - or remove elements if required, and, for complete reports, apply filters to only display responses from selected groups.

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